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Being sick FAIL

Posted in BABY, New York with tags , , , , , on August 22, 2012 by Running Around America

Last night we strolled around the High Line with the Tiny Person, as it was a wonderful night and wasn’t too hot, finally.  We enjoyed some libations and Tiny Person made goo goo eyes at the patrons and eventually fell asleep in her sling, leaving us to enjoy the evening until a scandalous 10:00 pm.  That evening after we got home, Tiny decided to wake up at 4:30 so I fed her, but noticed she was quite quite hot.  She wasn’t acting strange, but was very steamy to the touch.  I kept her in bed, but woke up the husband to see if he thought she was hot as well.  He did, so we broke out the tiny-person-termperature-taker thing.  And wouldn’t you know, the stupid, dumb, useless thermometer, specially manufactured for sick infants DIDN’T WORK.  It was completely on the fritz.  It wouldn’t turn on.  It wouldn’t turn off.  It flashed all sorts of colors.  It beeped randomly.  It told me my temperature was 90.5.  Finally, after a screw driver and some more accurate test runs, it appeared to tell us Tiny had a temp of 101.

I thought this was super bad news, but all the while whilst husband and I were trying to bang the joke of a thermometer back to life, Tiny was all THIS IS SOOOOO FUN!  I LOVE THE NIGHT LIFE!!!! LAUGH LAUGH DROOL DROOL DROOL KICK KICK KICK!  DID YOU GUYS SEE MY KICKING?!?!?!

She wasn’t behaving quite like I’d expect an ill infant to act.  So that was weird.

I gave her some infant tylenol, meanwhile she was completely high on life, it’s not often she gets captive audience from BOTH of her parents IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT HOW GREAT IS THIS?!?!?!

After a tiring hour of KICK DROOL LAUGH she fell asleep, feeling much cooler.

Today she seems perfectly fine, and because of the awesome thermometer I’m not entirely sure what her temperature is.  But I AM sure of what her temperament is. Image

100 degrees of awesome KICK DROOL LAUGH.