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I have a giant baby

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My giant baby is huge!  And eating a lot.  She decided to become super frustrated with the world for about two months now, but, WE HAVE REACHED A TURNING POINT.  She now will take a pacifier again, and is happy as a clam.  THANK GOODNESS.  Listening to an adorable baby whine all day can be quite taxing.


In other news, my semester is almost over so I soon will have time to do things that don’t involve the law.  I hope.  I think.  I think Bigbaby will look forward to having an unoccupied mum.  She really loves it when I’m doing my reading on the computer and letting her “play” with the mouse.  She thinks it’s a brilliant use of multi-tasking.


If you have wondered where I am

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Look up four month sleep regression. My easy going happy baby that sleeps through the night has turned into a major non-sleeping crank pot. Who hates life. And naps. And bedtime. Yayyyyyyyy


Dear Growth Spurt

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I’m sure you think that tinyperson, being tiny, needs to grow.  I’m sure it’s advisable so she doesn’t go through life being 24 inches tall.

But I’ve got lots of this to do:

Imageand the only sleep that tinyperson has gotten is like this:

Imageand as you may imagine, this kind of sleep only lasts for about 10 minutes (as it is not that comfortable).

So, please let tinyperson sleep for more than 10 minutes today, or else I’ll refuse any further growth spurts and it will be your fault that I have a 24 inch 18 year old.