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This day was lame

Posted in BABY with tags , , , , on September 11, 2012 by Running Around America

Today on my way out of the big city for a smaller city, Tinyperson and I got stuck in LITERALLY two hours of traffic. At 7:30 am, in reverse rush hour traffic. Because the city thought bringing a two lane interchange to one lane, at a major intersection with another popular highway was a good idea. THEY COULD HAVE RUN IT BY ME FIRST.

So we were in the car and Tinyperson was absolutely going crazy, and then my gas light went off! Not knowing how far and long the traffic jam was, I had to get off the highway in a super sketchy area, and JUST BARELY found a gas station. What I didn’t find was my sanity.

I turned that car right around and went on home. And got stuck in more traffic. The morning was filled with so much awesome it is hard to quantify.

Oh Tuesday. Not impressed.