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I have a giant baby

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My giant baby is huge!  And eating a lot.  She decided to become super frustrated with the world for about two months now, but, WE HAVE REACHED A TURNING POINT.  She now will take a pacifier again, and is happy as a clam.  THANK GOODNESS.  Listening to an adorable baby whine all day can be quite taxing.


In other news, my semester is almost over so I soon will have time to do things that don’t involve the law.  I hope.  I think.  I think Bigbaby will look forward to having an unoccupied mum.  She really loves it when I’m doing my reading on the computer and letting her “play” with the mouse.  She thinks it’s a brilliant use of multi-tasking.


Cute little station

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What a lovely little station. I won’t mind commuting out of it everyday. And going to the markets there. And the fancy bar.


St. Louis.

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We were trying to find a hotel in St. Louis that wasn’t super horrid, not expensive  and downtown and it just wasn’t working.  We didn’t want to pay a lot and have to drive far into town, but we couldn’t find anything suitable.  So.  On a whim, we did the whole priceline name your own price thing.  I was convinced it would work, but secretly terrified we’d get stuck in a horrible place and not be able to back out.  We paid $50 for a room that goes for $120 right smack dab in the city center, AND IT WAS PET FRIENDLY!  Smalldog wasn’t looking too excited to spend the night in the car in St. Louis, especially since the heat is now reaching unbearable here in the mid-south.  So it was luck and an awesome deal that allowed us to explore St. Louis a bit.

We decided to hit Soulard which is a French style neighborhood in St. Louis.  And when we got there, we might have been in New England, the buildings were so unlike anything we’ve been seeing around these parts.  Very magnificent.  And lots of great bars and restaurants.  We tried a few, checked out the amazing market, and then headed back.  On the way back, we found a really awesome art park in the middle of the city with fountains that lots of people were still playing in, thanks to the heat.

The arch, of course, was pretty fun too.  Unfortunately the Mississippi is all flooded, so the fourth of July celebrations that were usually on the banks of the Mississippi were moved up towards the arch, so the setting up people didn’t want tourists hanging around taking pictures.  LAME.

We were going to check out more parts of the city the next morning, but out trusty tinycar needed some attention.  We spent an hour trying to put in rear lights and a brake light, as we had someone at Jiffylube put some in earlier on, but they got it wrong (but it was free, so I didn’t mind too much).  We finally figured it all out and got the car lights all working, but it was sweltering and late so we decided to get back on the road to head to Nashville.  St. Louis was interesting, it wasn’t the city I was expecting.  It was a lot more dilapidated in parts than I thought it would be, and after the amazingness of Kansas City, it was hard to trump.  But it certainly has character.  And great fountains.



Kansas City – I had no idea you were awesome.

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We decided to stop for the night in Kansas instead of just going for lunch, and I’m very glad we did.  The place is nuts!  I’m not sure where all the money is coming from, but there is so much regeneration going on, amazing new buildings, restaurants, lofts, just plain awesomeness.  We stayed outside of the city at an “RV Resort”, which was fun, because the camping area was totally secluded and not what you’d expect at an RV park, but by the time we got back there were tree frogs and large bugs everywhere.  And they liked our flashlights.  And I got a little nervous, because I don’t have the best track record with bugs.

In Kansas City we got BBQ because apparently Kansas City is known BBQ.  And it was super amazing. 

We also checked out the Westport area of the City, where all the music is and trendy kids are.  The train station, Union Station, was also super amazing.  It’s one of the nicest train stations I’ve ever seen.  It was magnificent. It’s such a neat city, I wish we were able to spend lots of time there, not just an evening.  But perhaps I’ll move there later?

Salt Like City. What?

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We arrived at Salt Lake City after a huge drive where we went over valleys and mountains and I was completely oblivious to same because of AUDIOBOOKS!  BEST INVENTION EVER.  The drive might have been ten minutes.  It was that good.

Anyway – we arrived in Salt Lake City, or SLC late on a Saturday night, and I was confounded by all the people driving around with hip hop music blaring, out for a good time.  Wasn’t this a super weird city where everyone is Mormon and they hate fun?

The next morning I dragged us to the Mormon Temple in the middle of the City, and then to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir church.  We were questioned by two sets of “sisters” who are lady Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints missionaries.  And they were all foreign.  Some were nice, some a bit obtuse.  But the grounds are very pretty.  And I didn’t get to hear the choir, but the building was nice.  We walked in the BLAZING heat around the place – it’s huge.  The blocks are way longer than normal blocks, and the city is super confusing and pretty empty by city standards.  There were a lot of interesting people there though, I didn’t think so many hipster types would live out there, but from conversations it’s a popular city to move to.  The mountains are a pretty spectacular setting too, I think it was one of the more dramatic cities I’ve been to so far.  The mountains were clear and unobstructed.

We found an awesome farmers market, and got stuff for a picnic.  We had to spend most of the day in the shade as it was so dry and hot, and when it cooled down a little bit, we decided to see what the Utah liquor laws were all about.

The first bar we went to told us that the law is that any beers on draft have to be 3.2 alchohol by volume.  That means all beers like Guinness, Budweiser etc, make a special brew for Utah.  It’s not just watered down, it’s specially made.  Despite this, there are a lot of beers on tap.  And they all generally taste pretty weak and watery.  Some are good, but they leave a lot to be desired.  What is so odd is that at the same bar, you can get a “full strength beer” in a bottle.  SO WHAT IS THE POINT WITH THE DRAFT LAW THING?!  It makes no sense.  Also – the beers that everyone drinks, they are not just normal pints.  Generally, they drink liters!! As in, takes two hands to drink this mug litre.  I guess they make up for weak beer by  drinking huge quantities of it. Weird.

We accidentally found the most awesome dive bar in the city, and as husband does, made friends on the pool table.  Husband is probably the best pool player in the universe, and the poor, unsuspecting people on the tables never see it coming. 

It was a good day in Salt Lake City  – I still don’t know what to think about it!  One the one hand, it’s pretty religious, and then on the other, it’s super liberal.  It’s an interesting place though, and definitely worth visiting.  There’s lots of outdoor areas and hiking and skiing right there too.  If you’re in to that.

Off to Moab, Utah!

Beach and Beach, WA and OR

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We left Port Townsend and found a lovely campsite on a spit on the pacific ocean.  The next morning, we thought we’d be awesome and do some ornithology.  We have some friends who are junior ornithologists and we thought we’d make them jealous by going on this lovely five-mile hike on a spit that promised to have tons of crazy water birds, such as puffins and other fun birds.  Unfortunately all I saw were lots of “Western Gulls” and a Common Muir.  Look it up!  The beach was lovely, as was the campsite, and from there we checked out Olympic National Park, and the Ho Rainforest.  It wasn’t the type of rainforest with sloths though:(  But it had an amazing lake that was super crystal clear.  Crescent Lake. We drove down the coast on 101 and found a great campsite at Nehalm State Park on the beach.  We loved the beach so much was stayed an extra day to relax.  It was nice to have the sun and an empty sunbathing area.  It was perfect.  The next day we headed to Willamette Valley in Oregon, where we tasted amazing Pinot Noir, and the dog ran away.  Wahoo.  Then, it was off to Portland.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures of smalldog in Portland, post to follow!

Seattle really is rainy, but awesome.

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We arrived at Bainbridge Island, an island right off the mainland from Seattle, to stay with our friends and hosts.  The ferry was pretty quick and SUPER HUGE.  Millions of cars fit on the giant iron beast, and then we were on the island.  It’s a quaint island with a lovely downtown and a lovely park.  Everything about it was lovely.

After catching up and telling everyone about our travel mishaps or adventures, we went and had a cook out, and found Mr. Rainier in the distance.  IT IS THE CREEPIEST MOUNTAIN I HAVE EVER SEEN.  IT COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, ALMOST LIKE A LARGE BOAT.  I did not like it, and I’m still a bit convinced it’s not real.

We tried a great brew pub and then it was off to bed for our Seattle adventure the next day.  We hopped on the ferry o’awesome again and then right to Pike Place Market, which was a giant combo of awesome.  So much food and coffee (saw the original Starbucks, didn’t go in, huge line) and smells.  Some ruthless stall trader convinced me to buy some garlic scape things, and yes, I do realize buying perishable weird vegetable type things on a giant road trip mightn’t be wise, BUT SHE REALLY PRESSURED ME.  I can’t really exist in markets, or any place where anyone wants me to buy something.  Because I will, no matter what it is and what it costs.  I hope there are no sales people reading this.

We checked out Pike Brewing Co in the market and then had a bit of a brewery tour around Seattle.  There are a lot.  And they are all awesome.  I love Seattle!

They also have a wall of gum!  I’m not entirely sure why they have a wall of gum, but it’s there and it’s quite famous!


Small dog also had a good deal of fun, as he found a new companion.  Never has smalldog looked bigger than when he is with a smaller human.  He enjoyed going around the brewery and doing whatever he wanted, save for a  few little tugs here and there.  He even managed to tie up the walker!

That night after our brewery adventures, husband took me to an awesome restaurant on Bainbridge island as it was my birthday! ( ). It was a surprise for the most part and it was so good.  The good was local and great and the place was in an old lovely house. And then back to our friend’s apartment for Blue Hawaiian drinks, lots of dessert and watching Portlandia (my new favorite show).

The next day we went to Port Townsend, which is really where I would consider in the middle of nowhere, but here’s this bustling lovely little port town with old buildings, and a brewery of course.  We were off after having lunch lunch and after trying insanely large oysters as we were going towards Olympic National Park for some camping and hiking before Willamette and Portland.

Seattle is a really fun relaxed city and I could very happily live there.  We even visited the REI flagship store, which one could live in and still not see everything.  And it was one of the places we’ve been to where my allergies weren’t horrible!  SOLD.