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Guess what?!?!


His name is(was) Paul.

And he is not a normal cockroach.  You see, I believe he is of the American Cockroach variety.  And yes, I was up all night Googleing cockroaches so I now know the difference between and American and German cockroach.  It’s not just their accents.  HAHAHA.

Anyway – American Cockroaches are sometimes referred to as water bugs, and if you google PALMETTO WATER BUG it’ll be awesome.  Or just click on the link, you’ll thank me later!

This type of cockroach is the LARGEST, UGLIEST, AND LAMEST cockroach in all the land.  Imagine me, finally finished cleaning the house and sorting all the bits and pieces out, ready to relax on a Saturday night.  I go into the kitchen, and I see something run away.  But that something is rather large.

And I’m all:Awesome.


So Paul is trying to escape the evil team of me and smalldog, and I’m not about to squish something that size, especially SOMETHING THAT FLIES, THAT IS THAT SIZE, so I do what women in my family have been doing for years.  Grab the nearest spray of whatever.

I sprayed that sucker down with cleaning spray.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PAUL WHO IS LAUGHING NOW.

I honestly can not believe that I 1)didn’t scream; 2)didn’t run away 3)didn’t scream.

But alas, now I have a giant dead cockroach on my kitchen floor and I am too scared to put it in the trash.  Paul is like a silent house guest that isn’t going anywhere.  And may or may not be stuck to the floor with cleaning spray.  Hmm.

Luckily, whenI tried to hunt to see if he had any friends,sad face, it appears he did not.  LOSER PAUL. I’m going to buy traps anyway.  The sucker was running from smalldog’s bowl of food, so I’ll have to make sure smalldog actually eats his food going forward.  Also, I leave the door open to the deck allllll day.  Perhaps I shouldn’t.  It’s one thing dealing with mosquitos, quite another when Paul saunters in.

Another epic day in the life of me.

The floor, wall and shoes aren’t that dirty.  I modified the picture for clarity.  It makes things look dirty.  I promise.



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Today I didn’t run anywhere amazing.  I’m trying to keep running like I was before, but add some speed into my workouts.  This is going ok/not fun.  I usually end up really tired. And cranky.  And hate the world.  And my smalldog bears the brunt of it.  But that’s his problem!  So today, I just did a boring 7 mile run.

And then I got home, and I realized this was the last weekend in our hood that we have free before we leave.  I’m helping with a movie next weekend, and husband has graduation the next next weekend. So.

We got in the car to have some fun serendipity.  We got our pre-requisite-for-time-in-the-car food (Dunkin donuts) and hit the pavement.  We ended up in New Bedford, MA to try the “Urban Winery” there.  It was lovely!

We usually dig the places that are kind of economically depressed but have a lot of history and good finds food wise, and New Bedford had those aplenty.

The winery was fun, in a cool old building, and it was interesting.  Great Mass whites, lovely staff and a great find.

We wandered around a bit.  It’s a city with a whaling history, and there were lovely quaint cobblestone streets and old buildings that looked like they were from a movie.  There is also a cool museum with a giant squid.  A GIANT SQUID.  I am sure the museum is awesome just because of that squid.

  And then, we found a wine bar!  OF COURSE WE FIND A WINE BAR IN A HISTORIC WHALING CENTER!  HAVE YOU MET US?  We could sniff out a wine bar in a landfill.  And it would be an awesome wine bar also.  

So we had some awesome local scallops in the sunny goodness.  And then, we decided, let’s get more food!  And more wine!  And more fun!

So we did.

And we ended up at The Back Eddy.  Even though Regina, our incompetent iPhone GPS decided to trick us and bring us somewhere completely different, we found this remote and beautifully located restaurant on the water and did some more eating.

The husband said it was amazing.  I was amazed by my scallops wrapped in bacon.  Yes, I had two meals with scallops.  I don’t care.  It was awesome.

And then we sat on the dock.

So, all in all, it was a fabulous serendipity day.  We got lots of great food and wine/beer, and got to see a part of MA we don’t usually see.  And look at this weird jellyfish thing, totally worth the journey right there!


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I am alive!  And I ran the wholllleeeeee half marathon without dying once.

It was a lovely lovely warmish sunny day in Providence and I ate food before I ran (which is a new thing for me, miraculously, it gives you energy?!) and I was all ready for the race.  It was lovely and uneventful, save for the hills that cropped up at the halfway point and didn’t seem to stop.  All my fears of hills were totally justified.  At mile 7, a cop was all “THIS IS YOUR LAST HILL” and I was all “THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU” and then, at mile 8 when there was another hill, I was all “I HATE LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe” but then it was over pretty soon.  The husband ran the whole thing too, even though he was cursing under his breath from mile four, which made me all annoyed and I had to listed to my little ipod to drown out his annoyance.

But then it was over! I wasn’t even sore.  BUT.  We were like the slowest slowy snails running.  Maybe that’s why it wasn’t painful at all.  It’s a tough one, I like the pace, it didn’t kill me, I didn’t feel stressed out or wanting to vomit or like I was going to break something, but.  Well, maybe I’ll go faster next time?  The husbands all WE WILL RUN A MARATHON IN TWO WEEKS.  And I had to remind him he can’t put pressure on his left foot, so how was he going to run a marathon?  And he was all I DONT CARE I WILL RUN IT IT WILL BE AWESOME.  So he can have a great time doing that, I think I’ll do another half and see if I can get some speed in.  I recalibrated my little running buddy to go faster, so now it’s off to actually “race” the run next time.

Also, I got into this weird thing that because I was running I should be eating pasta and burritos and everything near me.  Can’t actually say that it did anything.  I’d have to be running 18 miles a day to justify the carbo loading I’ve been doing, and man, it shows.  I hate running for weeks and have nothing to show for it besides an insatiable hunger for pasta.  I’m happy to get off the stuff.  Hopefully I can pick up the pace and leave the pasta behind.

Also Also  –  I didn’t die on the yacht boat.

Also Also Also – my favorite thing about running is buying new running things and convincing myself it will make me faster.  I will buy new shoes this afternoon!

Ball on a Yacht

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That is where I’ll be tonight.  At a ball, on a yacht.  Wahoo.

I am not especially enamoured with boats.  I actually am quite terrified of big boats, like cruise ship size boats.  Husband thinks it’s insane and hilarous.  But have you seen those things?  They are like silent killers.  They are quiet, stealthy, bigger than apartment buildings and weird.  They creep me the heck out.

I hope the yacht tonight isn’t that big.  Being on boats is fine, but looking at them from the ground, dislike.  I freak out.  So let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Also  – 1)half marathon is on Sunday and 2) husband decided he’s going to run it.  So that’s good, but I’m pretty convinced he’ll die.  So that won’t be too fun for him, dying and all.  Or for me, who will have to run past his dying body at my snails pace.

I know I’ll be hungover after the yacht ball so I’m trying to make sure I start off the night at a good level of hydration, but really, who am I kidding.  It’s not going to be that pretty tomorrow.  Or, maybe, I’ll surprise myself and it’ll be fine!  I don’t have the self control to pass up good wine and beer.  I really don’t.  BUT THAT IS OK WITH ME.  I just have to plan accordingly. I have already bought a bagillion coconut waters for tomorrow so I’ll rehydrate for my run on Sunday.  I HOPE IT WORKS. Stay tuned for “stories from after the half marathon”!

Demise of my running accomplice

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What a sad tale.  My clever husband might have trained too hard back when we did our EPIC HORRID NYC RUN and since then, he has had a lot of pain on the outside of his foot.  I keep trying to give him helpful hints like “have someone look at it” or “stretch” or “stop complaining” but nothing is really working.  It seems pretty clear that husband isn’t going to be able to run the half that he trained with me for!  Which is very sad.

I WILL HAVE TO RUN ALL BY MYSELF.  The thought of that is equal parts fun and horrid, because 1) he wont be there complaining and running too fast but 2) no one is there to babble on about current events and world politics so that I forget what I’m doing and where I am.  So this leads me to a predicament.  Namely: do I run with music?  I used to run with music all the time, but since the advent of husband running, I haven’t.  I’m worried I’ll get so bored I’ll stop.  But I’m also worried it’ll throw me off my pace cause I’m not used to it.  Urgh.

In other news, I bought proper running socks!  The ones I use are grotty and gross and just your average cotton sock.  I have so many blisters my foot resembles a blister in a blister.  And it’s sore and gross.  With my new socks, I also got JELLYBEAN RUNNING THINGS!  They’re little jellybeans with caffeine and electrolytes for running races.  I’m not really running a “race” per say, but I think it’ll help as I get tired after 1.45 hours.  So I’m quasi excited.  But my race is at 8 am, so that’s less exciting.

We’ve also been getting lots more stuff for our roadtripacrossamerica!  We have so many routes and ideas and stops.  I just want to go now.  And I also want our car to make it.  And I want it to be cheap.  And I want gas to go down.  And I want a baby cat, for good measure.

Running in Central Park, or FREAKOUTEVERYONE!!!

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This weekend we jetted the four hours to NYC in hopes to see what neighborhoods are out there to house ourselves.  It was kind of a mix between eating/drinking and doing stuff weekend, and I HATE THOSE.  Nothing irks me more than interrupting eating and drinking for doing stuff.  I can’t do stuff with aplomb, and I can’t continue to eat and drink like I was before the STUFF happened.  So I’m generally in a state of crank.

Friday we “walked around” which means we got lost and I had a headache and had to pee a lot.  OK.  We like to sample bars when we’re looking around a place, and usually have a small beer or glass of wine and some food at each.  BUT.  By the time we’ve left and have been walking around for four minutes, I have to pee so we have to go in another bar pretty quickly.  See where this is going?  It’s like a never ending cycle of have to go in to pee, then stay for a drink, which makes me have to pee.  WHY CAN’T THERE BE LITTLE TOILETS EVERYWHERE THAT I CAN USE WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY AND HAVING TO PURCHASE SOMETHING?  I like drinking at these places, so it’s not horrid.  BUT INCONVINIENT.

Anyway.  Saturday was that awful mix of purpose and pleasure and IT WAS RAIN SNOWING.  IN LATE APRIL.  I was most displeased.  So that day kinda sucked.  Especially when you throw in NYC real estate brokers.  Urgh.

Sunday we had our long run, and after researching routes, the central park loop was brought to my attention.  Once around is about 6 miles, so twice around would be 12, around 2 hours, which is exactly the time for our long run.  We woke up early, got dressed and cabbed it to central park.  It was sunny and it wasn’t raining!  We get on the course, and… There is a road race!  With a bagillion people!  At 7.30something!  At once, the husband starts complaining.  Telling me we’ll have to get out of the park and run around it on the streets.  The way to make my head explode is to tell me to switch my well thought out plan. I WAS NOT GOING ANYWHERE OTHER THAN WHERE I WAS GOING. So we’re running, and the road in the park doesn’t have cars on sunday, so the left lane was race people, and the right lane was people out to run TWELVE MILES INSTEAD OF FOUR MEASLY MILES.  It was ok.  I was trying to be upbeat.  The running race took a left turn and alas, we were by ourselves.  Yay.  Except, WHY OH WHY DO THE RUNNERS, ALL FOUR OF THEM AT THAT TIME, NEED TO RUN AS CLOSE TO YOU AS POSSIBLE????????  There was tons of space!  Like, milions of miles because there were no cars and no race!  And I was always getting bumped into.  It’s like everyone had a bet to see how close they could come to me without touching.  AND A LOT OF THEM LOST THAT BET.  And the bikers!  They were like those little kids at the ski slopes, those moving dive bombers that try to freak you out by going reallllllyyyy close to you then swerving away.

Needless to say, at that stage, only four miles in, I was a complete crankpot.  The husband somehow convinced me (or rather, I was trying to COMPROMISE AND BE A GOOD LADYWIFE) to go out of the park on the west side and run on the street next to it.  Cue old people walking slow, lots of puddles, stupid brat kids, uneven pavement, and me!  Having an awesome time!?

We get back into the park, and I feel now as if I’ve run a bagillion million miles and we have to go around AGAIN.  This time, the race people are gone, but the crowds are here, and there are more aim-for-you runners.  I think I yell whispered at the husband a few miles back so he’s not talking to me, I can’t feel my legs, and I’m convinced I’ve run the pace of a handicapped snail.  OH AND THERE IS A HUGE HILL ON THE COURSE.  LIKE A LOT OF THEM ACTUALLY.  and I hate hills.  They make me soooo mad.  Here I am, looking happy about to run in Melbourne.  Imagine the opposite of this picture.  That’s me and hills.  

I don’t know how I managed, but I ran the full 2 hours.  I was pretty much at the end of the run, and was thinking I could maybe keep going, but I was in such a foul mood and everything hurt I just stopped.  The husband sped off in anger and flailing limbs and I walked the rest back to the start.  I was thinking I was a failure and maybe had only run 9 miles but I didn’t reallllyyyy care.  IT WAS A HORRID RUN and a pretty horrid morning.  When I got back to Boston, I plugged in my run tracker thingymabob and I HAD RUN 12 MILES, AT A REALLY GOOD, FASTER THAN IMAGINED PACE.  So I quickly ran the the husband and showed him how great I was.  HE WAS WRONG, I WASN’T RUNNING LIKE A SNAIL, I WAS AND AM AN AMAZING PRINCESS OF RUNNING.  To which he replied, you were still really annoying and yelly and complaining the whole time.  TO WHICH I REPLIED, I AM SO AWESOME.


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So, this weekend was the first installment of actually RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA!  The husband and I went to Vermont on a whim with ideas of relaxation and maple trees. We also had to fit in our regularly scheduled long run in preparation for half-marathon time, so I thought it would be a good idea to get all relaxed out, and then wake up super early in the am on Sunday and attack the quite serene Vermont roads.

Saturday we went to Long Trail which was brilliant.  The weather was shaping up so it was nice to be able to look out on the deck and imagine that it might be warm again, whilst drinking some great beer.  We then checked out Woodstock, VT, a cute little town.  Needs a few more pubs if you ask me, but cute nonetheless.

Then, to our Inn. And it was spectacular! Kendron Valley Inn

the best inn!

in South Woodstock is secluded but not too far away from Woodstock so as to feel in the middle of nowhere.  We stayed in the “log lodge” which allowed dogs, which was great because smalldog loves weekend adventures, and he loves giant relaxing queen sized beds.  We had a lovely carb filled meal that night, complete with a few more beers and a bottle of wine (side note  – I think I should probably stop drinking so much the night before our long runs, or any run in general.  But it’s like when you know you can’t have something.  YOU WANT IT.  A LOT OF IT). The next morning, because we didn’t have cell service, the alarm went off?  I didn’t know that the phone company required service to know what time it is, but alas, we got on the road early enough.

The start:

then there was some sap barrels!  

and the scenery! 

another bridge!

and this is what the road generally looked like: 

It was a great run, about 9.15 miles, and the route followed a bit of the famous covered half marathon.  I modified it a little to use the Hillside Road (which, much to my surprise, was a giant hill.  Not fun for me.  Not even a little) and it was a loop back into town.  A fabulous run indeed, and great country side.  And great weather.  And smalldog had fun, and husband was having a lovely time.  Here’s the fun run:

It was a great relaxing time, now back to crazytown.