Ugh week, and where I live

This week has been pretty crap.  I realize that it’s only Wednesday, but already it’s crap.  Trust me.

Anyway, instead of whingeing on about crapness, I thought I’d sit outside on the “patio” we have for dinner.  This is a teeny bit of the crap.  Our apartment, in a brilliant location and great rent, just isn’t as awesome as we wanted.  Unfortunately, we had THE BEST APARTMENT IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE before we moved to NYC.  And if I could emphasize more than capital letters I WOULD.  IT WAS THAT AWESOME.

It has ruined us in terms of apartments.

We’re in such a perfect spot, and we got a good deal, and they were building us a roof deck!  But.  The roof deck wasn’t ready when we moved in.  And the state of the place was just kinda crap.  Like some walls patched up in white, despite the wall color being beige.  Or tiles cracked in the bathroom.  Or stuff falling apart.  ETC.

The deck was our saving grace.  For two weeks after we moved in, I watched the workers, getting all the more confused about what was going on.  To me “deck” means WOOD FLOORING.  A WOOD FLOOR DECK.

But that is not the case here. We have no wood on our deck.  Or flooring of any kind.

The majority of work done was stuccoing the wall they made.  And the color, while at one time it was repulsive, I like it now.  But I’m not sure it’s worth the extra $200 a month in our rent.  So we’ve been moping around the place sad about the stupid deck.  But then, despite the crappy week, we (I) decided just to get over it.  It’s still a huge (for NYC standards) outdoor space, with trees around it.  Yeah, there is scaffolding left up, and the yard is a mess, but if you don’t look over the short wall, you’d never know!  And at night, it’s awesome.

I bought a large outdoor rug, because all we had on the floor was roofing material, and sat outside and had a nice evening.  It was then, that I heard:

I know you can’t see anything, it was dark out.  But my next-door neighbor is an amazing guitarist.  And he was having a party, so he invited an awesome flautist.  And I got to hang out and get a free concert!!  Wahoo!  One reason why I don’t hate our place!

And here are some others.

If you want to find me between the hours of seven and eight in the morning (I don’t recommend you try and find me then, though)  I’m at Sit and Wonder.  It is the best coffee shop in the world.  Smalldog gets tied up whilst I sip a cold brewed coffee in peace.  It’s awesome.

I am also pretty enamoured of Eton, a small dumping house that has bubble tea.  Weather Up, a secret, hidden bar, is also brilliant.  The bartenders there are great, it’s small, and craft cocktail oriented.  It has cute tiles.  Milk Bar seems great, but I haven’t gotten there yet.  Ample Hills Creamery has people obsessed, with lines pretty much every night.  The ice cream is spectacular.

Washington Commons is a great bar, steps from our apartment, AND SMALLDOG CAN COME TOO!  Bonus points there.  And happy hour until eight!

All of these place I frequent and they are less than five minutes from our apartment.  And there are lots more places in the area I haven’t gotten to try.  So that’s great.  I just need my inner craftsperson to leap out and transform the place!  I’m getting there.  I have three things of paint, a drill, tape, a ruler, and I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS PLACE AWESOME.

Or just go to one of the many bars and restaurants.  We’ll see.


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