This morning, at the tender hour of six-thirty, a dog started barking outside our window.  Not a normal bark, but a OH MY GOD I AM SO SAD I MIGHT DIE kind of bark.  Which is terribly annoying at anytime of the day, six-thirty AM included.


This went on for maybe forty minutes, and then I began to suspect something was amiss.


I dashed outside, to find a little pitbull puppy chained to a pole outside, on the opposite side of the street, in front of a construction lot.  The poor thing was beside itself, and it was pretty clear that it had been abandoned.


I tried to calm it down (also trying to save the morning for everyone else in bed woken up by Mr. Puppy’s barks) and sat with it.  It was so cute and smushy.  It was fixed, and it knew how to sit, so it wasn’t a crazy dog.  It was just really sad and it wanted its owner back.

Our next-door neighbor came out and got it some food, and we pondered what was going on.  A few more people came by and we took turns with it.  The consensus was that the no-kill shelter would be called.  AND IT BROKE MY HEART.  I begged husband to let me keep it, I even brought up that it was TRAINED TO SIT!  WAS FRIENDLY!  VERY CUTE!  And he said no.  No amount of sad eyes could change his decision.

Who does this sort of thing?  IT IS SO EVIL. Poor little puppy was just so sad.  So very sad.  And so am I:(
















Here’s hoping this little guy gets adopted soon, which might happen, because he’s a cute puppy.  And here’s hoping whoever dumped him loses a finger.


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