Moving adventure extrodinaire

Our moving adventure got off to the best possible start. We(meaning the husband) lost the key to our pod container, the pod container we had only four hours with. The movers we scheduled couldn’t come until between four-thirty and five-thirty, so having a locked pod at three was pretty lame.

Fun fact: apparently you need a license for bolt cutters! So you can’t all just go BREAKING INTO PEOPLES POD CONTAINERS. EVEN IF THEY REALLY WANTED YOU TO.

The guy who delivered our pod was the nicest guy ever, he also thought we were nuts for losing the key, but he really tried to help. The helpful guy at the hardware store meant well, but he had us convinced that all we needed was a big screwdriver to act as a shimmy. IF IT WERE THAT EASY, WHAT WOULD EVEN BE THE POINT OF PADLOCKS?

A call to a locksmith, way too much money and an hour later, we were united with our stuff!

Now that we finally have a home, I can concentrate on drinking ice coffee outside at my local awesome coffee shop, and sweating at night because it is so hot out! Score!





One Response to “Moving adventure extrodinaire”

  1. So, that makes two in the doghouse or maybe Smalldog doesn’t have one?

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