We woke up on the 4th, and did the requisite tour of the Vicksburg park, which turned out to be huge, not just a monument, and pretty as well.  After that, we drove on to Natchez, which we referred to, and still refer to, as Nacho Cheese,  ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS?!?!  THE TOWN NAME SOUNDS JUST LIKE NACHO. JUST LIKE IT.

The town was really pretty, and they had a cute gambling boat there as well.  They had some amazing mansions and antebellum homes, but sadly NOTHING WAS OPEN (this will be a theme in this post, FYI).  Also, it was SO hot at this stage, we couldn’t walk around for more than five minutes.  We did a lot of car touring.

After NACHO CHEESE, we headed to St. Francisville in Louisiana, our first stop in the state!  We were hoping that Louisiana was a little more capitalist and would have some establishments that were open, because Mississippi apparently takes Sundays and holidays very seriously.  They do not open anything.  At all.  In St. Francisville, a coffee shop was open because there was a pie contest!  It was a very lovely little town with some pretty historic houses, and the coffee really helped – it was the first place we’d been to in a while that was open!

After that, we decided to mozey down to Lafayette, the “capital” of Cajun country.  We stopped in Eunice and Opelousas on the way there, they both apparently had some great Cajun music places and food.  BUT GUESS WHAT?!  NOTHING WAS OPEN!  YAY.  Opelousas was a very pretty town.  I really wished it was open.

When we got to Lafayette, we were kind of mad.  Nothing was open!  Nothing!  We went to Prejean’s restaurant, very happy it was open.  It was on Roadfood, which has been such a great site for us this trip (thanks Mom for the great website suggestion!)  The food was great, and we got gumbo, boudin ( a specialty sausage down here) fried green tomatoes, crawfish etouffee, and bread pudding.  It was great.  My favorite part was that they had a little kennel in the shade in the parking lot for the dog!  We didn’t have to get take away because it is too hot to leave the dog in the car.  Smalldog was most definitely confused.  It was pretty funny.  We were going to check out the town that night, but surprisingly, IT WAS CLOSED FOR BUSINESS.

We went to bed.  The next morning, while walking smalldog around the motel, he was bitten by fire ants!  I wasn’t really sure of what these things were, but they are evil!  Poor smalldog was not having fun, and I had a hard time getting the stupid ant off smalldog’s leg.  It really bit him, and after a minute, after the ant was off him, we walked over to the grass and got sick!  Apparently the ants can cause dogs and cats and small animals to go into shock, and sometimes it kills them.  Smalldog was fine pretty soon after, so I’m glad just one evil ant got him.  Apparently Louisiana has a HUGE fire ant problem.  For the entire time in Louisiana I was staring at the ground, pretty terrified of the evil ants.

We wanted to stay in Lafayette and listen to some music and eat amazing food, but apparently Cajun country is really a weekend thing, and most definitely not a Tuesday after the 4th of July thing.  It was so lame, but we had to move on.  We were getting pretty annoyed that nothing was open, and decided we would spend a longer time in New Orleans, because I knew that city would be open.

Before leaving, we checked out Johnson’s, which by some amazing stroke of luck, was open.  And the food was so amazing.  I had a grilled cheese with boudin inside of it, and it was so amazing.  Their field peas where amazing, their meat was amazing, they were amazing, it was just a great place.  A good pick-me-up after everything was closed. We stopped by a few lovely towns in the area, and then set out to New Orleans stuffed and ready for tourist mayhem.


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