St. Louis.

We were trying to find a hotel in St. Louis that wasn’t super horrid, not expensive  and downtown and it just wasn’t working.  We didn’t want to pay a lot and have to drive far into town, but we couldn’t find anything suitable.  So.  On a whim, we did the whole priceline name your own price thing.  I was convinced it would work, but secretly terrified we’d get stuck in a horrible place and not be able to back out.  We paid $50 for a room that goes for $120 right smack dab in the city center, AND IT WAS PET FRIENDLY!  Smalldog wasn’t looking too excited to spend the night in the car in St. Louis, especially since the heat is now reaching unbearable here in the mid-south.  So it was luck and an awesome deal that allowed us to explore St. Louis a bit.

We decided to hit Soulard which is a French style neighborhood in St. Louis.  And when we got there, we might have been in New England, the buildings were so unlike anything we’ve been seeing around these parts.  Very magnificent.  And lots of great bars and restaurants.  We tried a few, checked out the amazing market, and then headed back.  On the way back, we found a really awesome art park in the middle of the city with fountains that lots of people were still playing in, thanks to the heat.

The arch, of course, was pretty fun too.  Unfortunately the Mississippi is all flooded, so the fourth of July celebrations that were usually on the banks of the Mississippi were moved up towards the arch, so the setting up people didn’t want tourists hanging around taking pictures.  LAME.

We were going to check out more parts of the city the next morning, but out trusty tinycar needed some attention.  We spent an hour trying to put in rear lights and a brake light, as we had someone at Jiffylube put some in earlier on, but they got it wrong (but it was free, so I didn’t mind too much).  We finally figured it all out and got the car lights all working, but it was sweltering and late so we decided to get back on the road to head to Nashville.  St. Louis was interesting, it wasn’t the city I was expecting.  It was a lot more dilapidated in parts than I thought it would be, and after the amazingness of Kansas City, it was hard to trump.  But it certainly has character.  And great fountains.




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