We got to Memphis with a mission.  Rendezvous.  Everywhere we’ve been to in the US, people say we need to get BBQ at Rendezvous.  So we tried to walk around first, to see the city a bit before getting food.  However, IT WAS SO HOT.  I nearly died twice.  And we were only outside for fifteen minutes.  Smalldog was on his side everytime we stopped, so he wasn’t really having any of it.

We looked at the lovely Peabody, and then made an executive decision to go get take out Rendezvous and eat.  Before I died of heat.

The place is in a little alley, and it’s in the basement.  We got a small plate of ribs, and let me be honest when I say EVERYONE WAS RIGHT THIS STUFF IS INSANE.  And I don’t really even like ribs!  I never get them, because I don’t think they taste that good.  BUT THESE DID.

We looked at Beale St., which seemed to be a smaller version of Broadway in Nashville, but a pedestrian version nonetheless, and then we were off on historic Rt 61 down the Mississippi Delta heading towards Clarksdale, MS!!!!


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