Moab Woahab

Our mission was Arches National Park right outside of Moab, Utah, because since we got our annual national park pass for $80 back in the Tetons and we’ve wanted to makes sure we’ve seen enough national parks to make it worth it.  What I’ve been noticing is that a lot of the time, the national parks aren’t all that.  We’re driving through local routes and areas, not just major highways like some tourists, and most of the time the surrounding area, up to 100 miles, has the same as the park scenery if not better because there aren’t tons of RV’s and tourists around. Arches wasn’t that different.  The scenery was super pretty, but the whole area outside of the park was similar.  It didn’t have a lot of arches outside the park, but at Arches, an arch need only be three feet wide to be considered an arch.  So it was a little bit of a let down.

It was still a very nice drive.  One other thing that is pretty annoying is that every national park we’ve been to, we can’t take smalldog outside of the car.  So that really limits the fun we can have, because generally it’s too hot for the dog in the car.  They let old people all over the parks, why can’t my smalldog go! 

After driving around the Arches area, and seeing the most famous arch at the park (which looks a lot different when you don’t have a telephoto lens to make it look a lot larger than it is.  If you squint really hard, you can see it in the picture.  Looks a lot different than this), we found out the campsite was full.  We drove outside of the park, right next to the Colorado River, and found the best campsite in the whole universe.  Right on the river, with a  huge canyon wall across the river, it really was amazing.  And not too many people there.  We didn’t even have to use the rain fly for once because it’s so dry and warm in Utah.  The stars were pretty awesome.

Driving to Moab and away towards Colorado had some pretty spectacular scenery.  Even though we still hadn’t finished our audiobook, I still noticed the scenery, so that’s saying a lot.

We were going to stop in Denver for lunch, but decided to hightail it allllll the way to Kansas to make up some time.  Also, In Colorado we had about two and a half hours of traffic jams because of road works on the major highway that goes through the state.  So I got kind of mad at Colorado.  I’ve also started to get a little scenery oblivious.  I had enough of giant mountains with conifers for a while, and our tiny car was not having fun climbing 10,000 ft mountains daily.  About 20 minutes outside of Denver, we were right back in the Great Plains area, with absolutely nothing around.

We’re here in Colby, Kansas, which is a super agricultural town.  Tomorrow, off to St. Louis, with a stop in Kansas City for some amazing B-B-Q.  I’m very excited to get to the south, I have been speaking in a southern accent for ages.  I can’t wait to try it out, and see the eyerolls!


Also – it seems that after we left Utah, the espresso shacks disappeared too.  AND I AM VERY SAD.  I eyed all the exits just to make sure I didn’t miss one, and there were none to be found.  I am very sad.


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