Portland is like Brooklyn, lots of hipsters.

We arrived into Portland in the evening and quickly set out exploring. Our hotel, though pretty bare bones and sketchy, was super cheap and downtown so that made for good wanderage.

We went to the industrial district, which was most definitely not industrial, and looked at the bagillion awesome hipster bars. We settled on one that was in a cheesy seventies hotel done up hipster like, and the Meat Puppets were playing there! But since I don’t like the Meat Puppets, or fun, we didn’t go to the show.

The next morning bright and early we walked across the river with smalldog to go to Voodoo Donuts, which apparently is famous. BUT IT WAS GOING THROUGH RENOVATIONS.  AND WAS NOT OPEN.  SO I RECEIVED NO DONUTS.  NOT FUN.

I moped, but then right around the corner was Stumptown coffee! I love their coffee and was able to get the cold brew in a bottle! I was happy again. There are a lot of people who may or may by be homeless in Portland, but on a whole they seem way less crazy than in San Fransisco.  There were a lot milling around Stumptown, but they didn’t ask for money, so I’m not sure if they were homeless or that is the style these days.  In Portland.

We wandered alllll over the place and I still have no idea how to orient myself in the city. It is confusing with its grid-like ness.  Luckily, we found the brewery for Rogue Ales, a big favorite.  Smalldog had some fun there, as I’m sure you’ve seen earlier in the blog.  So did I.

For lunch, we went to the best food cart known to man. Built to grill. There are tons of foodtrucks there, and I am sure everyone thinks their favorite is the best, but I am confident in my assessment. And the guy behind it is going to try to open one in NYC!  They didn’t do grill food, but Italian food. And my gnocchi was so good.  I wish I was eating it for lunch every day.

We crossed another scary bridge and dropped smalldog off and hopped right on the MAX, the light rail system in the city. I think this was husband’s favorite part because he loves public transportation. A lot.  We have a public transit systems of the world book.  I am not kidding.  So does my dad.  Who am I surrounding myself with!?  Also, the Max was free! Well, where we where coming from and going was free. It was pretty awesome.

We managed to not figure out the easiest public transport system in the world, even with the studying of public transit systems of the world maps that are far more difficult, so we got off and had to wall quite a bit. I was getting tired and cranky, and then, like a beacon in the light, we found a bourbon bar! And it was happy hour!! Once more for effect: BOURBON BAR AT HAPPY HOUR. We manage to make eighteen new best friends there, have some expertly made drinks and Mac n Cheese with pulled pork! With so many great bars and restaurants it may be lame that we stayed in one all night, but it was that cool. We also got lots more travel tips.  And then, on the way home, I found a dog that looked like a lion.  And it was the nicest dog ever.  I hope smalldog can’t read, but the only reason I didn’t put the other dog in the car was because he was probably bigger than our car.  But he was so awesome.  I was sad to leave him.

We took FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT HOME and readied ourselves for the twelve-hour trip to Salt Lake City the next day. I downloaded an audiobook of The Help to get us through.

I could definitely like in Portland, the weather is very Ireland-y but the people and bars and FREE TRANSPORT make it pretty fun.

Next stop, Salt Lake City!!  After tons of driving!


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