Beach and Beach, WA and OR

We left Port Townsend and found a lovely campsite on a spit on the pacific ocean.  The next morning, we thought we’d be awesome and do some ornithology.  We have some friends who are junior ornithologists and we thought we’d make them jealous by going on this lovely five-mile hike on a spit that promised to have tons of crazy water birds, such as puffins and other fun birds.  Unfortunately all I saw were lots of “Western Gulls” and a Common Muir.  Look it up!  The beach was lovely, as was the campsite, and from there we checked out Olympic National Park, and the Ho Rainforest.  It wasn’t the type of rainforest with sloths though:(  But it had an amazing lake that was super crystal clear.  Crescent Lake. We drove down the coast on 101 and found a great campsite at Nehalm State Park on the beach.  We loved the beach so much was stayed an extra day to relax.  It was nice to have the sun and an empty sunbathing area.  It was perfect.  The next day we headed to Willamette Valley in Oregon, where we tasted amazing Pinot Noir, and the dog ran away.  Wahoo.  Then, it was off to Portland.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures of smalldog in Portland, post to follow!


One Response to “Beach and Beach, WA and OR”

  1. I love it!! Being a junior ornithologist is sooooo the new hip thing to do. Even if you didn’t see any puffins (which we would have been so jealous of) the beach looks amazing and i’m jealous anyways. miss you guys!

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