Why are they so mad in Vancouver??

We had to get up super early from Walla Walla because a certain team decided to make it to the final final of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and we had to get to Vancouver before the city shut down for the game.  We high tailed it to the kennel smalldog was staying at and then successfully arrived right before the place shut down. It was mental. I think approximately a billion people downtown, and most of them were shouting. And yelling. And screaming. And I love all of those things.  Almost as much as I like giant boats.  Which is to say, I do not like them at all.

Our gracious host’s apartment was right downtown, so we had some food, watched the Bruins victoriously win, and decided to go out.  Right after the game, the news led in that there were some cars burning right on the street to the right of us.  We thought we’d go to the left.

That quickly also turned into a not-so-good-idea.  The crowd pretty quickly became crazy people.  There were swells of nuts drunk people so we had to hightail it to a bar further down. When we got in the bar, the had to lock the doors behind us as the crazy were all gathering outside. The barpeople didn’t quite know how to handle it, but we all made it.  We also had to stay inside because the riot police were throwing confusion bombs outside and the rioters were throwing everything else, and smashing windows everywhere.  It was quite eventful.  And odd, especially in such an awesome city.

The next morning we were up early to survey the damage.  There were a lot of windows boarded up and trash everywhere, but then people started appearing from everywhere with sweepers and garage bags to clean up.  Just normal everyday citizens. It was a massive organized thing, and it was really great to see.  People started to write messages on the boarded up windows and it became almost installation art.

After that it was off to see the rest of Vancouver.  It’s got some lovely modern buildings downtown, a lovely harbor, an old-town, park land, lots of public part and it’s all very walkable! 

We went to a little island with a big market and took a tiny little boat to get there, which I made everyone do, and enjoyed immensely.  We also did lots of eating and drinking and talking in Canadian accents.

That night, we were in search of awesome sushi AND BOY DID WE EVER FIND IT.  It’s my new favorite sushi place IN THE WORLD.  This stupid website won’t let me embed the link for whatever reason, so here it is for your clicking pleasure. I am going old school. http://www.seamonstrsushi.com/


At the sushi place they had an amazing invention.  A beer cup with a magnet at the bottom, you put the cup on a weird box thing, and beer fills it from the magnet hole in the bottom!  But don’t remove the magnet.  Or tell people at the sushi place not to remove the magnet.  Because we will all try.  A lot.

The sushi was seriously amazing.  Doesn’t everyone look excited?!  After that it was off to taste wine from British Columbia.  We were all new to BC wine and it was a fun adventure trying them all, even if we weren’t enamoured with them all.  It was still fun and a fun place.


The next morning we all got up and went to a fabulous park.  http://vancouver.ca/parks/parks/stanley/

We did a five-mile loop around the coast and it was a stunning run and a stunning locale, even if I got lost because the lads were faster and I was taking pictures, and got all turned around and ALMOST DIED BECAUSE I WAS SO LOST.  IT WAS SO DRAMATIC.  BUT NO ONE WAS AROUND TO WITNESS THE DRAMA, BECAUSE I WAS LOST AND ALL ALONE.  But I didn’t die so ten points for me.  I couldn’t die, of course because we were headed to Seattle to see Alyse, Jason and Orien!  And we had to pick up our smalldog, who only got into a few fights at the kennel(or as my dad calls it when he drops him off, “the pound”).


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