Seattle really is rainy, but awesome.

We arrived at Bainbridge Island, an island right off the mainland from Seattle, to stay with our friends and hosts.  The ferry was pretty quick and SUPER HUGE.  Millions of cars fit on the giant iron beast, and then we were on the island.  It’s a quaint island with a lovely downtown and a lovely park.  Everything about it was lovely.

After catching up and telling everyone about our travel mishaps or adventures, we went and had a cook out, and found Mr. Rainier in the distance.  IT IS THE CREEPIEST MOUNTAIN I HAVE EVER SEEN.  IT COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, ALMOST LIKE A LARGE BOAT.  I did not like it, and I’m still a bit convinced it’s not real.

We tried a great brew pub and then it was off to bed for our Seattle adventure the next day.  We hopped on the ferry o’awesome again and then right to Pike Place Market, which was a giant combo of awesome.  So much food and coffee (saw the original Starbucks, didn’t go in, huge line) and smells.  Some ruthless stall trader convinced me to buy some garlic scape things, and yes, I do realize buying perishable weird vegetable type things on a giant road trip mightn’t be wise, BUT SHE REALLY PRESSURED ME.  I can’t really exist in markets, or any place where anyone wants me to buy something.  Because I will, no matter what it is and what it costs.  I hope there are no sales people reading this.

We checked out Pike Brewing Co in the market and then had a bit of a brewery tour around Seattle.  There are a lot.  And they are all awesome.  I love Seattle!

They also have a wall of gum!  I’m not entirely sure why they have a wall of gum, but it’s there and it’s quite famous!


Small dog also had a good deal of fun, as he found a new companion.  Never has smalldog looked bigger than when he is with a smaller human.  He enjoyed going around the brewery and doing whatever he wanted, save for a  few little tugs here and there.  He even managed to tie up the walker!

That night after our brewery adventures, husband took me to an awesome restaurant on Bainbridge island as it was my birthday! ( ). It was a surprise for the most part and it was so good.  The good was local and great and the place was in an old lovely house. And then back to our friend’s apartment for Blue Hawaiian drinks, lots of dessert and watching Portlandia (my new favorite show).

The next day we went to Port Townsend, which is really where I would consider in the middle of nowhere, but here’s this bustling lovely little port town with old buildings, and a brewery of course.  We were off after having lunch lunch and after trying insanely large oysters as we were going towards Olympic National Park for some camping and hiking before Willamette and Portland.

Seattle is a really fun relaxed city and I could very happily live there.  We even visited the REI flagship store, which one could live in and still not see everything.  And it was one of the places we’ve been to where my allergies weren’t horrible!  SOLD.


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