Grand Tetons are better than Yellowstone.

After our big square dancing night, we took off towards the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We knew we were headed into really cold temps, so we stopped at Thermopolis, which is apparently the home of the largest hot spring in the US?  I can’t verify, but it was fun to go to the thermal bath.  It was so hot though.  It’s fun smelling like rotten eggs in 120 degree heat!


We hit the road, and after a few miles, THERE WERE THE TETONS!  THEY ARE PRETTY AMAZING.  And our campsite was just under Grand Teton!  It was pretty spectacular.  What mightn’t have been so spectacular, would be us getting mauled by a bear.  Because our campsite was frequented by bears!  There were warnings everywhere.  Literally, you would have to be blind to not know bears were about to eat you at this campsite.  I was a bit paranoid when we were cooking food and cleaning dishes – I was convinced the tiny food fragments in the dishwashing water would bring the grizzlies to us.  It might have been a bit over the top, because we didn’t get mauled by a bear.  Sad face/happy face.

Once we arrived in the Tetons, we went for a hike to a hidden waterfall.  It was sunny when we left.  About twenty minutes in, it started hailing.  And raining and pouring.  And it dropped about thirty degrees.  BUT I SAW A BADGER!!!!!!!!!  And a waterfall, that was nice too, but I REALLY SAW A BADGER.  AND HE WAS GREAT!



After our stupendous badger-filled wet waterfall hike, we went back to the campsite.  And I was soaked to the bone, and under prepared for the weather.  IT WAS SO COLD.  And there was snow everywhere.  We couldn’t get a fire started, because they gave us hilarious wood, so all we could do was go to sleep at around six in a big smoosh of warm sleeping bags.

The next morning, still freezing, we headed to Yellowstone.  It was snowing there, and 37 degrees.  FAHRENHEIT.

We hightailed it to Old Faithful and found coffee.  And a gesyser!  Well, a lot of geysers.  And all sorts of other crazy natural things.


We also saw a lot of buffalos AGAIN.  Never will I be impressed by buffalo!  They are everywhere.  They are as common as robins.  BORING.  But everyone in Yellowstone thought each one was amazing, so we had to stop on the road for each one.  You can imagine how fun this was, and how much time it added to our trip.

I found an Elk though, so that was pretty cool.  And  a moose in the Tetons!

When we got back to the camp, luckily it wasn’t snowing, so we could sit outside and we got the fire working!  It didn’t start hailing until eight, so that was nice.   It was a fun time in nature,

but I would have preferred if it wasn’t so cold and snowy when we were there.  And Yellowstone paled in comparison to the Tetons in my opinion.  Even the Tetons park was better I think.  Maybe I was slightly biased because the crowds in Yellowstone (even in snow!) were annoying, but the Tetons are more laid back.  But the whole Geyser thing was neat.  Look at these things! Now we are off to Bozeman and Missoula (Montana) where it will apparently be warmer!  YAY!














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