Overdue Minneapolis

We arrived into Minneapolis, and although our hotel was not the best (the Days Inn, University), our company was.  We met Megan and Jake who took us to some awesome pubs in Minneapolis.  Our favorite was at the end of the night at Psycho Suzi’s – a tiki dive bar extraordinaire.  They had the best invention that was ever invented.  PICKLES ROLLS.  I am so obsessed with anything pickle related, and this really took the cake. Pickles, surrounded in cream cheese, wrapped with bacon (I think, or prosciutto, maybe?)

The next day we wandered the city and found THE MOST AMAZING THEATRE IN THE UNIVERSE.  And I’m not being overly dramatic!  It’s that amazing.  The Guthrie Theatre is a must for anyone that likes breathing, or likes things.  Seriously, go read about the architect and make the trek out there.  We saw the God of Carnage, an amazing show that was a Tony award winner in ’09, and is based in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  It was pretty much laughter from beginning to end, and I didn’t look at my watch once, which was a big deal.

The whole Guthrie experience was pretty excellent.  I’d take a plane to go see shows here.  It’s that awesome.  The architect is nothing short of genius, in my opinion, and the multiple spaces in the theatre were all glamorous.  FIFTEEN BARS TOO!  Also – we got mistaken for VIP’s and whisked to an afterparty, so extra points for them!

The theatre had a lookout dock in the building with a stunning view of the river, one of the most scenic views we had on the trip.  A lovely city with a lovely theater!

The next morning we checked out Lake Harriet, a lovely pond like lake for a run.  Minneapolis is the City of Lakes, so I’m sure there are a lot of runs to be had around here, but the humidity is really getting to me.  I top out at 3 miles. 


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