Buffalo, Wyoming

We were driving West on 90 (our first major highway stint since we started) to make up some ground, and after lots of coffee and NPR news loops, we stopped into Buffalo, WY.  We thought it was a nondescript boring town, and got a random cabin.

The next morning, looking for breakfast, we stumbled upon an amazing little town, with one of the most amazing hotels I’ve ever been to. 

The Occidental Hotel is such an amazing place.  It was built in 1880 and was a proper hotel/saloon.  It went into disrepair in the nineties, and the now-owner and her husband have been restoring it ever since.  Most of the things in the hotel were preserved, so it’s an amazing place.  We wandered in at 10 in the morning on our way to Yellowstone, and we both looked at each other and decided to postpone.  It’s that great.

We wandered around, and went for a walk along the creek (more like rushing river from the snowpack melting) and looked at the Big Horn snow-capped mountains in the distance.  We picnicked and did some excercise along the trail.

We stayed in the saloon for the rest of the afternoon as it was so hot out, and met some great locals with more good local tips.  We also met a local sculptor!  This hotel is such a great find, and I’m happy that we were able to change plans at the last second and stay here. 

The rooms were all beautiful and the hostess and staff were so helpful and kind.  If you are ever in Buffalo, WY, or even if you’re even remotely close, by all means stay here.  Or live here, I’ll visit.

Now off to the Tetons and Yellowstone!


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