Really allergic to buffalo.

We woke up when the sun gets up in these parts ( five thirty a.m. ) and went exploring at some of the amazing sculpture like things in the badlands. Sadly, we did not see any rattlesnakes. But we saw lots of birds! And breathtaking scenery. But I was really just there for the deathly snakes.

We drove through a never-ending Indian reservation and had to put the tinycar through its paces on about forty miles of horrid dirt road. STILL GOING!

We have seen a bagillion buffalo thus far.

I have also sneezed a bagillion times. Thus, I AM ALLERGIC TO BUFFALO. Which is kind of lame. They are everywhere!

Oh well, I will soldier on. After the reservation and a nice burger ( buffalo burger for the husband) we found some hot spring fed mini waterfalls! Colder than I anticipated, but still warm and pretty deserted.

We have now arrived at Custer state park in South Dakota. We are right near Mt. Rushmore, and you better bet we are going and taking a million pictures. It will be the best place EVER. Unless there are buffalo there. I hope not, they ruin everything.




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