The most relaxing place ever

Madison is awesome. It is seriously the most relaxing place in the universe. I am almost falling asleep writing this, because I am so relaxed.  Or maybe because I haven’t had coffee in a few days.  But probably because of the first reason.

The capital is small and quaint and none of the buildings can be higher than the state house, which is shaped as an X and is pretty magnificent.  Everything in the small city radiates out from it.  And I still can’t figure out how to get where I want to go there, because of all the diagonal roads and one ways.

There is water all around and lots of places to eat and drink for a tiny city. State Street is the main drag and it is filled with quirky local shops and bars, and STATE STREET BRATSA giant barn looking thing with fake cows outside -stereotypically Wisconsin.  And cliche.  AND AWESOME.  The city  is kind of like Vermont, but without any of the hippy pretensions. They don’t really take themselves very seriously (see above).  And everyone bikes. But without helmets, that is how relaxed they all are.

In Madison there are so many spots for relaxing, we tried them all! Picnic on the water, picnic on the awesome roof deck by the water, and brats (bratworst) and beer at the student union by the water. Also, the university is the best place ever, why didn’t I go to school there?

Their dining hall is styled as a GERMAN BEER GARDEN! WITH A BAR! NOT KIDDING. Outside in the nice weather people all congregate at the union outside on a lovely patio and get pitchers and food, everyone is civilized and not over the top, talking about cheese in their little accents, and tipping isn’t allowed!  Deal.

There are running paths along the water everywhere. We did a five mile loop( I chickened out after four as it was ninety degrees) but the route is so lovely. I even saw a giant crane that looked prehistoric. It was taller than me, which I guess isn’t that tall.

There are also a bagillion bars too, and an excellent supply of microbreweries locally. Like new glarus. I like their beer.

Also, I have eaten so much cheese. Cheese curds, cheese, cheese on bratwurst. Ok that doesn’t sound like a lot of cheese items, but in terms of volume, lots of cheese. This is so the state for me. And smalldog, the world’s smallest lover of cheese.

Off to meet a friend for lunch, at Dotty Dumplings Dowry, no less, and then, off to Minneapolis!


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