I am so moving to Chicago

When we were leaving our hostel in Detroit, a little old lady was waiting for a taxi to the train station. Apparently husband felt bad for her and said we would drive her. I know serial killers usually aren’t old ladies, so I didn’t disagree. However, this lady was weird. An Australian that had to be over seventy-five, she didn’t really know anything about the city, and didn’t go in it. She also had no idea of where the station was and our helpful gps Regina led us to the abandoned train station that hasn’t been around since the sixties. HELPFUL!

We finally found it, but it was a weirdly fitting goodbye to Detroit.

On the way to Chicago we stopped at a Michigan winery we had heard of – Tabor Hill. It was pretty cool, the white wines were clean and pretty ok. Apparently one of their wines is served at the White House. Which is odd because it was probably their worst wine. We ate at their picturesque restaurant and lamented on the still icky weather. It was a great detour in rural Michigan.  Yay local wine!  The surrounding area was very pretty too.

We arrived at Chicago AND DID NOT GET LOST ONCE! This automatically means bonus points to the place. Our hotel was in the theatre district, and they may have ripped us off with regard to parking, but the place is awesome!

We dropped our stuff and headed for deep dish at Lou Malnati’s. It isn’t even like pizza, but it is great. However, the bagillion hour wait wasn’t.

We woke up early and headed to THE WORLDS MOST AWESOME PARK EVER. And then we ran on THE MOST FUN RUNNING ROUTE EVER. Seriously, this city is awesome. So pedestrian minded and easy to get around and pretty. We did a five-mile loop around the shore with nice views, even though it was still cloudy.  There is a really nice riverwalk that goes eighteen miles in one direction and sixish in the other, so handy and easy and fun!  One of my favorite runs.


Sidenote: it is not weather forecasting when you say it will be warm and sunny, and then quickly revise as soon as it starts raining. That is called lying. I am an excellent liecaster, they should just hire me to make up the weather.

We went to intelligentsia coffee, which I highly recommend, and then did an architecture stroll, had a beer and a dog(a hot dog that is.  And even the smalldog had a bite of a dog.  Is that weird?  He was totally in to it.) and then went to Hyde Park, where the university is. However, at this time it was pouring and freezing, so we did what we always do. PUB CRAWL! I think husband is making this up, but he says that Chicago is famous for its dive bars. So we went to a few and is it ever great to be in the land of cheep beer. It’s hard not to order fifteen beers just because they’re so cheap! We couldn’t find anything local too often, save for Goose Island, but I hear there are tons of microbreweries in Wisconsin.

We were going to get polish food for dinner, but all of the places seemed closed, so we dive bared it again and had a lovely meal.

Chicago is such a great city, easy, beautiful, the capital of dive bars, lots of public art, water, the AWESOME PARK, seriously, I want to live here!

Off to Madison! The forecasters tell us it will be warmer and dry.  I think they meant “warmer” and “dry” so i am ready with jeans and my raincoat.


2 Responses to “I am so moving to Chicago”

  1. Love the pictures of Chicago! Looks like a beautiful city.

  2. Travis and I did that same run in Chicago! It is a fun city- I love the blog, keep it up, we totally miss you two!

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