I love fries with mayonnaise!

We escaped Niagara Falls with our souls intact and masterfully navigated our way to Toronto. Well, almost. I forgot where our guest house was and we arrived at rush hour. Lots Of language that would do best in a strongly worded letter, and then we found our place. It was a steal right in downtown, an old guest house that isn’t super fancy but suited us well.

We wandered down church street and stopped in for a pint. The mill city brewery beers seemed prevalent so we sampled and relaxed. We wandered all the way to queen street, as the husband thought we would find a good place to eat. However, the part of queen street we were on houses Toronto’s nicest restaurants. Our budget being between meager and poverty line, I didn’t think our chances were too good. AND THEN WE FOUND THE PLACE WITH ALL YOU CAN EAT MUSSELS! it was brilliant! Good ploy too, because who wants that many mussels? THEY HADN’T MET US YET! WE ATE SO MANY MUSSELS! Once in Copenhagen, I made a big deal about going to this herring buffet, and husband was very not impressed with my suggestion. I wouldn’t shut up about it all day. So we finally go and I have to pretend I love herring so much to warrant a herring buffet.

Also, we got fries with mayo! I am not sure why only Canada has caught on that this is the best thing ever, but holycow I can’t stop eating them! Such a good invention.

I ate so much herring. One might say too much herring, but I will never admit to that.

The next day we headed to Toronto’s beach( no idea Canada had beaches! How quaint of them!) and we went running. It was beautiful and boardwalk-y, although cold. I decided about a mile an a half in to just stop running. When I don’t know where I am going, I stop. Oh well. Really pretty views, and some adorable adolescents as well. I always feel that adolescents jazz up the place.

We tried to stop at one of the many beautiful coffee shops on our way out, but we never bothered to fully invest in the culture and take out loonies. And apparenty, only America doesn’t mind if you pay for your $1.50 coffee with plastic. Their loss!Toronto was fun, it really seemed to us to be similar in style and feel to Sydney Australia(without the warm weather of course). I think we shall from now on try to stop visiting british colony. They all kind of blur together after a while.

On the way to Detroit, driving through Canada, the skies went completely nuts.  We turned a corner on the road and all of the sudden – SUDDENDEATHBYSKYTIME!  It was really creepy, and I instantly decided a tornado would crop up on top of my car and eat my alive.  I decided it would be wise to drop my speed to about negative ten, just in case the tornado would be fooled by very slow-moving hatchbacks, and I guess it worked!  Because there was no tornado, and I didn’t die!  Pretty anti-climatic huh.  Or overly dramatic.  One of the two.On to Detroit!


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