Rochester is awesome!

Our first day: we left Boston and it was in the fifties and miserably rainy, we arrived in Rochester, NY and it was sunny and in the seventies! We checked in, took a swim and checked out the bustling metropolis of Rochester.

We made our way through the bucolic suburbs that have some awesome houses. We looked at the ducks on the side of the Eerie canal, small dog tried to eat said ducks and everything near him, and it was very lovely. AND SUNNY AND WARM. Do you know how weird it is to go from fifty and rainy to seventy-five and sunny in the same time zone, without going on a plane? IT IS BRILLIANT!

Most people told us that Rochester was dilapidated and ugly.  WHAT WE LOVE! UGLY THINGS!

There is a cool mix of new buildings(well, like two) and old mills, and there is a giant waterfall in the middle of the city.

We wandered around the Genesee Brewery area (buy some, it doesn’t totally suck) and then we got lost some more. Not sure if  it
was the lovely weather, but the place is pretty cool!  Some neat restaurants and bars.

We wandered into the Old Toad in a lovely arts deco building, it is a British pub with an amazing( and cheap) selection. They even had some really awesome cask ales ( a personal favorite, as some of our readers may know).


We woke up too early and scrambled to get on the road again, this time to go running and see some more of Roc City (as it’s strangely known).  We went down East Ave, took a right, went down Park Ave, and then back.  It was delightful.  SAVE FOR THE HUMIDITY!  BECAUSE IT IS STILL WARM!  So off we went, and then one mile in, I was a puddle of sweat.  A giant sweaty running monster.  And the husband is prance-running around like it’s no problem, and even smalldog didn’t think it was an issue.

I soldiered on and looked at some lovely houses, really grand grand old places.  Interesting architecture and springy smells.  I would recommend buying me one of those houses.

So all in all, Roc City – a great city.  I’d live there.

ON TO CANADA!  Hope they us in, smalldog can be pretty threatening at border crossings, and I always blurt out strange things to border guards.  Like – “Where are you from” I AM FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!”  Which, I guess, isn’t really what they’re looking for, they need a few more specifics.  So I reply, “I GREW UP AT @P$I ELM STREET BLAH BLAH” and they apparently don’t need that much specificity, and already, we’re off to a good start!  They think I’m a tiny terrorist.  I think they’re not very clear at instructions.


One Response to “Rochester is awesome!”

  1. Obviously that city was just a blur to you when visited so often in the 80s and 90s. Indeed, when the weather’s nice (not that often) it’s a very nice place.
    However, I’ve never heard anyone call it “Roc City”….

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