My favorite little running route

As I put a lot of energy into not packing or doing anything of substance, save for eating, I thought I would document how sad I am that I will have to leave my favorite running route.

We live near a lovely little pond and park-y area that makes for some nice scenery and wilderness-type feeling in the city.  It was here that I decided last year to try and go running, and it was here that I continued to do so.  It’s also here where I get tormented by mutant geese, swans, turtles, crazies with fishing poles, crazies with dogs, crazies with other crazies.  The whole shebang.

Here is a picture of a bit of the trail:

And here is a picture of more of the trail:

And here is a picture of my fearless leader, smalldog.  Doesn’t he looks so super excited to be running around, having to ignore the bagillions of things he’d rather be sniffing?

I think every time I come back to the city, I shall run around my favorite little spot of awesome.  With the crazies.


One Response to “My favorite little running route”

  1. Is it just me, or does Danger where a cape with a big “D” on it when he goes for a run?

    Looking forward to reading about your adventure!

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