We went to the awesomest place in the world a few days ago.  HILTON’S TENT CITY!

It is this giant four-floor weird place with all sorts of outdoor stuff that one who is outdoorsy could ever want!(I think, cause I am not super outdoorsy so I do not know what outdoorsy people want or need, but I suspect Hiltons Tent City has it!   There are a lot of ropes, forks and knives that look super odd and useless, and bugspray that looks deathly, and those things seem to be what outdoorsy people gravitate towards, so again, IT HAS EVERYTHING OUTDOORSY PEOPLE WANT AND NEED!)  We went there because husband needed “outdoor shoes”. We wandered around all four floors of weird warehousey outdoorsy glory and then chatted for ages with the helpful outdoor shoe man who outfitted the husband with snazzy shoes that will enable us to walk around outdoors, and even perhaps up mountains, and also run on the trails!

I was so jealous watching husbands shoe-fun, that I went and got a matching pair.  SO WE ARE NOW GEEKS WHO HAVE OUTFITTED THEMSELVES FOR RELAXING OUTDOOR WALKS, AND NOT ONLY THAT, WE HAVE MATCHED OUR OUTDOORSYNESS.  I can not wait until we get matching safari pants and bird-sighting goggles and matching whistles!  Do outdoorsy people use whistles though?  I seem to think they do.  And if they don’t, THEY SHOULD.

Other than that, I am thinking about packing.  About the huge pile of suck that packing is.  I am always packing and unpacking and hating both of those two things.  I know what will happen – I will do nothing for a while, and then attack packing like a crazyperson on a bender and pack everything and forget to pack important things, and then after I think I am all done packing, find drawers of stuff I forgot, and then become lazy and just throw that stuff out.  Even if it is very important.  I keep loosing important things and lovely clothes because of my packing crazy.  PACKING PACKING PACKING.

So in short, all I have been doing is not packing, and buying shoes!  It’s Awesome!


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