Today I didn’t run anywhere amazing.  I’m trying to keep running like I was before, but add some speed into my workouts.  This is going ok/not fun.  I usually end up really tired. And cranky.  And hate the world.  And my smalldog bears the brunt of it.  But that’s his problem!  So today, I just did a boring 7 mile run.

And then I got home, and I realized this was the last weekend in our hood that we have free before we leave.  I’m helping with a movie next weekend, and husband has graduation the next next weekend. So.

We got in the car to have some fun serendipity.  We got our pre-requisite-for-time-in-the-car food (Dunkin donuts) and hit the pavement.  We ended up in New Bedford, MA to try the “Urban Winery” there.  It was lovely!

We usually dig the places that are kind of economically depressed but have a lot of history and good finds food wise, and New Bedford had those aplenty.

The winery was fun, in a cool old building, and it was interesting.  Great Mass whites, lovely staff and a great find.

We wandered around a bit.  It’s a city with a whaling history, and there were lovely quaint cobblestone streets and old buildings that looked like they were from a movie.  There is also a cool museum with a giant squid.  A GIANT SQUID.  I am sure the museum is awesome just because of that squid.

  And then, we found a wine bar!  OF COURSE WE FIND A WINE BAR IN A HISTORIC WHALING CENTER!  HAVE YOU MET US?  We could sniff out a wine bar in a landfill.  And it would be an awesome wine bar also.  

So we had some awesome local scallops in the sunny goodness.  And then, we decided, let’s get more food!  And more wine!  And more fun!

So we did.

And we ended up at The Back Eddy.  Even though Regina, our incompetent iPhone GPS decided to trick us and bring us somewhere completely different, we found this remote and beautifully located restaurant on the water and did some more eating.

The husband said it was amazing.  I was amazed by my scallops wrapped in bacon.  Yes, I had two meals with scallops.  I don’t care.  It was awesome.

And then we sat on the dock.

So, all in all, it was a fabulous serendipity day.  We got lots of great food and wine/beer, and got to see a part of MA we don’t usually see.  And look at this weird jellyfish thing, totally worth the journey right there!


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