I am alive!  And I ran the wholllleeeeee half marathon without dying once.

It was a lovely lovely warmish sunny day in Providence and I ate food before I ran (which is a new thing for me, miraculously, it gives you energy?!) and I was all ready for the race.  It was lovely and uneventful, save for the hills that cropped up at the halfway point and didn’t seem to stop.  All my fears of hills were totally justified.  At mile 7, a cop was all “THIS IS YOUR LAST HILL” and I was all “THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU” and then, at mile 8 when there was another hill, I was all “I HATE LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe” but then it was over pretty soon.  The husband ran the whole thing too, even though he was cursing under his breath from mile four, which made me all annoyed and I had to listed to my little ipod to drown out his annoyance.

But then it was over! I wasn’t even sore.  BUT.  We were like the slowest slowy snails running.  Maybe that’s why it wasn’t painful at all.  It’s a tough one, I like the pace, it didn’t kill me, I didn’t feel stressed out or wanting to vomit or like I was going to break something, but.  Well, maybe I’ll go faster next time?  The husbands all WE WILL RUN A MARATHON IN TWO WEEKS.  And I had to remind him he can’t put pressure on his left foot, so how was he going to run a marathon?  And he was all I DONT CARE I WILL RUN IT IT WILL BE AWESOME.  So he can have a great time doing that, I think I’ll do another half and see if I can get some speed in.  I recalibrated my little running buddy to go faster, so now it’s off to actually “race” the run next time.

Also, I got into this weird thing that because I was running I should be eating pasta and burritos and everything near me.  Can’t actually say that it did anything.  I’d have to be running 18 miles a day to justify the carbo loading I’ve been doing, and man, it shows.  I hate running for weeks and have nothing to show for it besides an insatiable hunger for pasta.  I’m happy to get off the stuff.  Hopefully I can pick up the pace and leave the pasta behind.

Also Also  –  I didn’t die on the yacht boat.

Also Also Also – my favorite thing about running is buying new running things and convincing myself it will make me faster.  I will buy new shoes this afternoon!


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