Ball on a Yacht

That is where I’ll be tonight.  At a ball, on a yacht.  Wahoo.

I am not especially enamoured with boats.  I actually am quite terrified of big boats, like cruise ship size boats.  Husband thinks it’s insane and hilarous.  But have you seen those things?  They are like silent killers.  They are quiet, stealthy, bigger than apartment buildings and weird.  They creep me the heck out.

I hope the yacht tonight isn’t that big.  Being on boats is fine, but looking at them from the ground, dislike.  I freak out.  So let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Also  – 1)half marathon is on Sunday and 2) husband decided he’s going to run it.  So that’s good, but I’m pretty convinced he’ll die.  So that won’t be too fun for him, dying and all.  Or for me, who will have to run past his dying body at my snails pace.

I know I’ll be hungover after the yacht ball so I’m trying to make sure I start off the night at a good level of hydration, but really, who am I kidding.  It’s not going to be that pretty tomorrow.  Or, maybe, I’ll surprise myself and it’ll be fine!  I don’t have the self control to pass up good wine and beer.  I really don’t.  BUT THAT IS OK WITH ME.  I just have to plan accordingly. I have already bought a bagillion coconut waters for tomorrow so I’ll rehydrate for my run on Sunday.  I HOPE IT WORKS. Stay tuned for “stories from after the half marathon”!


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