Demise of my running accomplice

What a sad tale.  My clever husband might have trained too hard back when we did our EPIC HORRID NYC RUN and since then, he has had a lot of pain on the outside of his foot.  I keep trying to give him helpful hints like “have someone look at it” or “stretch” or “stop complaining” but nothing is really working.  It seems pretty clear that husband isn’t going to be able to run the half that he trained with me for!  Which is very sad.

I WILL HAVE TO RUN ALL BY MYSELF.  The thought of that is equal parts fun and horrid, because 1) he wont be there complaining and running too fast but 2) no one is there to babble on about current events and world politics so that I forget what I’m doing and where I am.  So this leads me to a predicament.  Namely: do I run with music?  I used to run with music all the time, but since the advent of husband running, I haven’t.  I’m worried I’ll get so bored I’ll stop.  But I’m also worried it’ll throw me off my pace cause I’m not used to it.  Urgh.

In other news, I bought proper running socks!  The ones I use are grotty and gross and just your average cotton sock.  I have so many blisters my foot resembles a blister in a blister.  And it’s sore and gross.  With my new socks, I also got JELLYBEAN RUNNING THINGS!  They’re little jellybeans with caffeine and electrolytes for running races.  I’m not really running a “race” per say, but I think it’ll help as I get tired after 1.45 hours.  So I’m quasi excited.  But my race is at 8 am, so that’s less exciting.

We’ve also been getting lots more stuff for our roadtripacrossamerica!  We have so many routes and ideas and stops.  I just want to go now.  And I also want our car to make it.  And I want it to be cheap.  And I want gas to go down.  And I want a baby cat, for good measure.


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