So, this weekend was the first installment of actually RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA!  The husband and I went to Vermont on a whim with ideas of relaxation and maple trees. We also had to fit in our regularly scheduled long run in preparation for half-marathon time, so I thought it would be a good idea to get all relaxed out, and then wake up super early in the am on Sunday and attack the quite serene Vermont roads.

Saturday we went to Long Trail which was brilliant.  The weather was shaping up so it was nice to be able to look out on the deck and imagine that it might be warm again, whilst drinking some great beer.  We then checked out Woodstock, VT, a cute little town.  Needs a few more pubs if you ask me, but cute nonetheless.

Then, to our Inn. And it was spectacular! Kendron Valley Inn

the best inn!

in South Woodstock is secluded but not too far away from Woodstock so as to feel in the middle of nowhere.  We stayed in the “log lodge” which allowed dogs, which was great because smalldog loves weekend adventures, and he loves giant relaxing queen sized beds.  We had a lovely carb filled meal that night, complete with a few more beers and a bottle of wine (side note  – I think I should probably stop drinking so much the night before our long runs, or any run in general.  But it’s like when you know you can’t have something.  YOU WANT IT.  A LOT OF IT). The next morning, because we didn’t have cell service, the alarm went off?  I didn’t know that the phone company required service to know what time it is, but alas, we got on the road early enough.

The start:

then there was some sap barrels!  

and the scenery! 

another bridge!

and this is what the road generally looked like: 

It was a great run, about 9.15 miles, and the route followed a bit of the famous covered half marathon.  I modified it a little to use the Hillside Road (which, much to my surprise, was a giant hill.  Not fun for me.  Not even a little) and it was a loop back into town.  A fabulous run indeed, and great country side.  And great weather.  And smalldog had fun, and husband was having a lovely time.  Here’s the fun run:

It was a great relaxing time, now back to crazytown.


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