I just quit!  I actually had to have a glass of wine at lunch to calm myself down as I was worked into a tizzy, but I just went into the head partner’s office and quit.  And there were no tears, no one was mean, everyone was nice, and I am a biggggg baby.  But alas, a baby with a little less stress.


I do this every time!  I get so worked up about random things, and after said random thing is over, I’m all, NO BIG DEAL!  NOT EVEN STRESSED OUT!  Why can’t I remember these things!


In other news, tomorrow I am getting up at the crack of dawn and driving to NYC (after a girls’ night out, which may or may not be a good idea…) and checking out an apartment.  Let the lame apartment hunting commence!


One Response to “QUIT”

  1. I just flipped through your blog and i love it! and btw recently, as in the past 6 months, i have been doing the exact same thing – stressing myself out way too much over something stupid work-related, then after it’s over realizing i just wasted so much energy stressing over nothing. congrats on your 1/2 marathon too!! good times. let’s get together before you LEAVE BOSTON

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