Dreams about quitting

I haven’t told work I’m leaving yet.  Despite knowing for a good while.  I am such a wimp at quitting it isn’t even funny.  Even when I hate the place, I feel super guilty about leaving.  I have put it off here too, and made a weird deadline, like the 1st of April.  WHICH IS NEXT WEEK.  SO I have a whole other week to get nervous.  I can do speeches in front of crowds, but I can’t quit.  Cause what if the people are unhappy?  What if I inconvenience them?  WHY DO I CARE!  Sad face.  I’m such a quitting wimp.


We got a great book about all the tent camping ReserveAmerica has for our roadtrip and it’s super useful.  I’ve been compiling little mini city guides for each major hub we’re staying at, complete with smalldog friendly hotels.  I just want to leave now! But I have to quit first…But I will, and the time to leave will come.  BUT I WANT IT TO HURRY UP.  I need some tips for Mobile, Alabama.  Fun places to go, restaurants, bars, local spots etc.  Advice?


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