I think running is killing me?

Or is it?  Is my low-grade headache a direct relation to my hour run this morning, or perhaps is it due to the hangover I may or may not have after a evening of singing to bob dylan with whiskey in hand.  And I don’t even like bob.  But after a few glasses of wine, I guess I love bob.  Also of note: eating about four cups of cheesy rice does not make a hang over go away.  I kept eating it, feeling ill, then my stomach and eyes were all IT WILL TOTALLY WORK IF YOU EAT MORE RICE!  YOU JUST DIDN’T EAT ENOUGH LAST TIME! and I’d do it.  And it never worked.  But am I the only person in the world that is obsessed with rice and could eat it four three meals a day, as long as there was shredded cheese on top?  I think I may be.

On Saturday my helpful MiCoach thing told me that I had a 1 hour forty minute run.  Which was a shame.  Because I kind of max out at forty minutes.  And I didn’t have any routes that would take me somewhere and back for that long.  So off I went, husband and smalldog in tow, where we repeated the run that we normally do TWICE and kind of dilly dallied around town.  Eventually we got 1 hour and forty minutes of running in.  It was amazing.  I was exceptionally proud of myself.  However, less proud that my pace could have been likened to a ferret with a foot injury.  But whatever, I still ran for ages.  And then promptly hosted a st. patrick’s day party.  Complete with not drinking a lot of water.  20% for me overall that day.

So with all this running Paula Radcliffe via my MiCoach is making me do, I’m a wee bit paranoid about injury.  I bet I’ll snap my little leg in half soon and it will all be for naught.  Also, does this course look hard?  I haven’t really looked.  Hope it doesn’t have hills cause I’m really anti hills.  That looks like ant hills.  Which I am also totally adverse to.  Surprisingly.


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