It’s warm out!  I thought it would never be warm again, but alas, we’re hitting 50 degrees over here.  CELEBRATE WITH TANK TOPS.

I”m going gang busters with my roadtrip planning.  I’m copying and pasting links like it’s going out of style, also joining all discount websites like groupon etc so that I can get deals ahead of time.  I just found a great dog friendly hotel in Chicago for a steal!  At least I hope it’s pet friendly.  These things are sometimes hard to tell.  Until you get there.  And then you have to sneak your smalldog into the hotel in a bag.  And that never ends well.

Also ramping up the runnage.  The husband has decided we were meant to run a half marathon, so half marathon run we will.  I used my running gadget to start a half-marathon running plan.  Good idea/bad idea.  Bad idea in that I’ve got some British woman telling me to speed up all the time.  Listening to a polite British lady tell you to speed up repeatedly, whilst your husband tells you his legs are too long to go slow (totally a lie) doesn’t make for the funnest of runs.  But I was able to squeak out five miles going superfast for three of them, so I guess it can’t be all bad.  OR CAN IT.


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