New situations make my sinus’ hurt.

This weekend I found out I’m moving to NYC.  Well, the husband got a good job there, one that took a few weeks of intense negotiations and lots of stress-freakingsout to get, so I suppose I’ll go with him.  We knew we’d be moving in the spring, we just weren’t sure where.  And the last few years have been a constant “we’re moving here, no wait, we’re moving here” and this places were literally sprinkled all over the globe, so I’m OK with NYC.  Except for that I’m not really.
I know this is lame of me, but I pretty much 99% hate NYC.  I’m a small city kind of person.  I love Albany NY.  It’s nickname is Smallbany, how could I not like that!  Just about two streets of things going on there and a big park.  I can so do that.

My preferred place is a small, cool city/town.  Where you don’t need to know everyone’s business, but you can get to know people pretty well if you want.  And the bartender knows what you want to drink.  And you root for the local places.   NYC is most definitely not that kind of place.  It’s kind of a gigantic dirty crazytown.

So I’ve been stressing out about the move, because I want things sorted yesterday. I want a new apartment, movers, etc sorted now.  But we can’t!  Cause we don’t move in until August!  And there’s that pesky roadtrip in between.  So I’m kinda in a weird mood limbo.  I want to be excited – I love travel and change, it’s just that this travel and change is just about the last place/thing I want to do right now.  Really, Moscow would be a better fit for me at this moment.  And yes, I realize Moscow isn’t small.  Whatever.

On another note, my sinus’ are mad at me.  I think it’s cause we’re moving to NYC.  My sinus’ hate NYC.


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